La France Afrique par François Verschave Part1

La France Afrique par François Verschave Part1
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    le 29 juin 2012  à 21:01

    This is a good point, because I think it brgnis up the question of how to measure how successful the revolution in Egypt was (and all of the Arab Spring movements, for that matter). It seems that during the initial protests and escalation of the uprising, the media portrayed the Egyptians doing the protesting as young, modern, and invigorated by the prospect of self-determination.Yet now that the revolution is over and Mubarak is out, things have dramatically changed. Should we call the revolution unsuccessful if the only two political groups left standing after a first round of runoff elections are friends of the old regime and conservative Islamists ? I’m not sure. For one, these two options seem to be a menu of choices that we wouldn’t have predicted during the revolution. It makes me wonder who in Egypt is voting, demographic-wise. If these trends are anything like the US, maybe the candidates are in the running because middle-aged and senior voters have come out en masse ? (I’m talking about the same super-conservative demographic that kept Santorum in the running so far into the primary season.) On the other hand, as the article concludes, the fact that the revolution was successful in bringing about a change in regime and democratic elections has inspired a new level of political involvement that was absent beforehand. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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